About Us

ADRIGUA S.A. is the exclusive importer and distributor for textile printing inks of the brand PRINTOP and RUTLAND.  We also distribute emulsions from Ulano, flock from Casti, and  are the exclusive distributor for Textile Chemical Technologies, brand for pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing auxiliareis of textiles.

The printing inks from Printop and Rutland are made to print a wide range of surfaces, to be applied with several different printing techniques, and with properties and characteristics that innovate, optimize and provide solutions to the artistic, publicity and fashion markets.

The emulsions from Ulano are of the highest quality and known worldwide to be uno of the best in the market.

Casati Flock from Italy, is definitely the best in the market.

The chemical auxiliaries for the pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing of textiles are from the TCT brand and are manufactured in USA with the best raw materials and having the most strict quality controls during its manufacturing process in order to provide our customers with consistent and reliable products.

We have the latest state of the art technology in the field of inks, emulsions, flock and chemicals, thanks to our staff of engineers and technicians, experts in their formulation and application, and who are engaged in a continuous research, innovative development and quality control program at the most advanced laboratory in the country.