AQP Pigments

AQP Pigments Aquaplast® High-performance Waterbase Inks

AQP Pigments, are a completed range of concentrate pigments from PRINTOP®’s Aquaplast® Series. It has been specially formulated to give color to the covered and neutral bases of Aquaplast® Series. They can be mixed together in order to obtain different hues. It presents migration and efloresence.

Main Features: High performance. Several colors range. Allows to get intense shades.

Tips/Directions: —

Suggested Formulations: Neutral Base: 1kg -> AQP Neutral Mix Base 100 30g (3%) -> AQP Pgm (Colors)

Covering Base: 1kg -> AQP Opaque Mix Base 100 60g (6%) -> AQP Pgm (Colors)

AQP Pigments Products : Code Product 1 P7553 AQP Pgm Yellow HX 2 P7552 AQP Pgm Yellow GH 3 P7576 AQP Pgm Yellow LH 4 P7577 AQP Pgm Yellow S41 5 P7568 AQP Pgm Red CHN 6 P7570 AQP Pgm Burgundy EM 7 P7569 AQP Pgm Red HD2 8 P7573 AQP Pgm Green 9 P7557 AQP Pgm Blue LM 10 P7558 AQP Pgm Blue NMA 11 P7575 AQP Pgm Violet XZ 12 P7564 AQP Pgm Black 13 P7550 AQP Pgm Yellow FL 14 P7562 AQP Pgm Orange FL 15 P7571 AQP Pgm Pink FL 16 P7560 AQP Pgm Fuchsia FL 17 P7559 AQP Pgm White

Observations: —

Recommendations: It is necessary to stir the product before printing.