Discharge Pgm HR

Discharge Pgm HR Discharge

Discharge Pgm HR, are a complete range of concentrate pigments (discharge) of PRINTOP®. It has been specially formulated in order to obtain several colors discharge finish. Its main quality is that it doesn’t present migration nor efloresence. It must be mixed with Discharge Base 100 and DCH Classic Activator ZF (see TDS). The garment must be 100% dyed cotton with reactive or corroibles dyes.

Main Features: High performance. No migration nor efloresence. Several colors range.

Tips/Directions: —

Suggested Formulations: Normal colors: 1kg -> Discharge Base 100 60g (6%) -> Discharge Pgm HR (colors) 50g a 100g (5 a 10%) -> DCH Classic Activator ZF

Discharge Pgm HR Products : Code Product 1 P6954 Discharge Pgm Yellow SG-HR 2 P7582 Discharge Pgm Orange 113-HR 3 P7273 Discharge Pgm Red 27-HR 4 P6883 Discharge Pgm Red 39-HR 5 P7601 Discharge Pgm Green 27-HR 6 P6876 Discharge Pgm Blue 54-HR 7 P6955 Discharge Pgm Blue 51-HR 8 P6956 Discharge Pgm Violet 03-HR 9 P6877 Discharge Pgm Black 60-HR

Observations: —

Recommendations: 1. First, homogenize the Base with the pigment before adding the Agent. 2. The mixture (Base + Agent) last 6 hours; after this time the product will be losing its effectiveness. 3. Due to the nature of this product and additives, as well as to the multiple factors that may affect the performance (knit, dyeing, environmental temperature, curing temperature, relative humidity, hydrophility, etc.), the final color obtained during production may present variations. It is necessary to stir the product before printing.