HTX Brittle Base 400

HTX Brittle Base 400 P4301 – Hidrotex Waterbase inks

HTX Brittle Base 400, is a waterbase textile ink base belonging to the PRINTOP®’s HIDROTEX Series. It has been formulated to obtain cracky and hard finishes with an old appearance that actually “cracks” on the fabric. It can be applied on clear and dark fabrics as well. It must be mixed with HTX Pigments to obtain the desired color.

Main Features: Cracky ink film. Acceptable opacity on dark garments. Good tensile strength and stretchability. Good adherence.

Tips/Directions: – Apply one layer, pre-dry, apply a second layer and cure.

– Let the print cool downand stretch the printing sample to obtain a cracking effect.

Suggested Formulations: To obtain different colors: 1kg -> HTX Brittle Base 400 40g (4%) -> HTX Pigment

Observations: Drying Garments Process: After washing, extend the garment to proceed drying it, so that you will avoid to stick it on the printing.

Recommendations: If the product is used in automatic printers, it is strongly suggested to leave one or two free print stations in order to cool down the pallets after flashing. This will help to prevent the ink drying on the screen. It is necessary to stir the product before printing.