Transafix, are powder agent adherents. They provide major fabric adherence of plastisol inks when printed using thermal transfer. This will allow more resistance of the transferred ink’s to wash, rubbing and wear out. Transafix 800 and Transafix 800P show finer granulometry (max. 80 microns) compared to Transafix 2000 and Transafix 2000P (max. 200 microns) and they can be applied on 100% cotton fabrics, cotton/polyester fabrics and 100% polyester fabrics. Also, they can be mixed with Astro® Directs to enhance the adherence over synthetic and polyester fabrics. When adding this additive according to the recommended proportions the quality of the ink doesn’t change. This product is phthalate free.

Main Features: Adherent agents. Powder products.

Tips/Directions: Sprinkle over the wet printed ink layer in the transfer foil.

Pre-dry : Dryer: 150 – 160ºC ( 302° – 320ºF )/10s.

Thermal transfer: Heat Transfer Press: 160ºC (320ºF )/10s.

Suggested Formulations: 1kg-> Astro® Directs, bases, whites. 50-100 g (5-10%)-> Transafix

1kg-> Texiplast® Directs, bases, whites 50-100 g (5-10%)-> Transafix

Transafix Products : Code Product 1 P6716 Transafix 2000P 2 P4513 Transafix 2000 3 P6471 Transafix 800P 4 P4149 Transafix 800