SXT 3D Mix Base 100

SXT 3D Mix Base 100 P8209 – Silextreme® High-performance Silicone Screenprinting Inks

SXT 3D Mix Base 100, is a base specially formulated to be mixed with concentrate pigments and obtain super elastic printings with three-dimensional finish and good coverage over dark fabrics. It allows a high grade of adherence and durability plus it cures at lower temperatures than normal, becoming ideal for substrates where normally show adverse reactions to high temperatures, for example: shrinking, yellowness, colorant migrations, etc. Silextreme® is a three-component-system and it adjusts to the manual as well as automatic machine aplication.

Main Features: Cut defined three-dimensional silicone finish. Fast curing. Allows to get intense shades. Flexible ink film, it won’t harden the fabric. Good opacity on dark garments. High tensile strength and stretchability. High wash resistance

Tips/Directions: Apply one layer, pre-dry, repeat and cure. It is possible to apply more layers in order to obtain greater three-dimensional effect.

Formulation: 1kg -> SXT 3D Mix Base 100 60g (6%) -> SXT PC Atomix 30 g (3%) -> SXT Catalyst 9600 50 g (5%) -> SXT Retardant 9608

Observations: – The mixture of inks and additives has usually 6 days self life in closed containers and 3 hours working on automatic machines (times may vary depending on the environmental temperature).

– The ink requires more flash times compared to plastisol inks.

– Do not apply on dyed substrates with sulfur dyes since you won’t have adhesiveness.

Recommendations: Before running, it is suggested always to perform trials due the variation that may occur on different synthetic substrates.