TXP Adhesivo Foil LS

TXP Adhesivo Foil LS Texiplast® Ecofriendly Plastisols

TXP Adhesivo Foil LS, is a product belonging to PRINTOP®’s Texiplast®. It is especially design to adhere the textile metallized films (foil) to the fabric. This product is phthalate free.

Main Features: Will not dry on the screen mesh. Flexible ink film, it won’t harden the fabric. Excellent elasticity.

Tips/Directions: Apply one layer and without pre-dry plicar una capa y sin presecar poner la lámina de foil y transferir. Luego de la transferencia termofijar a 160°C (320°F) por 60 segundos.

Suggested Formulations: —

Observations: —

Recommendations: Retirar la lámina de foil en frío. Dependiendo del tipo/calidad de foil, será necesario modificar los parámetros de temperatura, presión, tiempo y aplicación. Do not iron the printed area, do not dry-clean. It is necessary to stir the product before printing.