TXP DCM Base P6255 – Texiplast® Ecofriendly Plastisols

TXP DCM Base, is a plastisol textile base belonging to PRINTOP®’s Texiplast® Series. It has been formulated specially to achieve a high coverage on dark fabrics. It should be mixed with TXP Pigment to obtain the desired color. This product is phthalate free.

Main Features: Flexible ink film, it won’t harden the fabric. Elastic ink film. Good opacity on dark garments. High tensile strength and stretchability. Soft hand. High wash resistance

Tips/Directions: Apply one layer, pre-dry, repeat and cure.

Suggested Formulations: To obtain different colors: 1kg -> TXP DCM Base 60-80g (6-8%) -> TXP Pigment

Observations: —

Recommendations: If it is desired to improve crock fastness and washing fastness then add TXP Resin ACR (50-100 gr/ kg). Do not iron the printed area, do not dry-clean. It is necessary to stir the product before printing.