TXP Direct Fluorescents PHT FREE

TXP Direct Fluorescents PHT FREE Texiplast® Ecofriendly Plastisols

TXP Direct Fluorescents PHT FREE, are plastisol textile inks belonging to the PRINTOP®’s Texiplast® Series. They are products with established fluorescent colors and are ready for printing on light and dark fabrics. They are presented in the following colors: Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink, Fuchsia, Red and Lilac. (See color chart). Under certain concentration conditions, very slight migration may occur. This product is phthalate free.

Main Features: Great variety of colors. May be mixed with each other. Flexible ink film, it won’t harden the fabric. Good opacity on dark garments. High tensile strength and stretchability. Excellent adherence. Soft hand. High wash resistance Good wet and dry crock-fastness.

Tips/Directions: Light fabrics: Apply one layer, pre-dry and cure.

Dark fabrics: Apply one layer, pre-dry, repeat and cure.