TXP Neutro VS

TXP Neutral VS P7616 – Texiplast® Ecofriendly Plastisols

TXP Neutral VS, is a plastisol textile neutral base belonging to PRINTOP® ‘s Texiplast® Series. It has been especially formulated to be used as reducer of colors or “extender” and it also can be pigmented and printed over light colored fabrics. It must be mixed with TXP Pigments to obtain the desired color. This product is phthalate free.

Main Features: Flexible ink film, it won’t harden the fabric. High tensile strength and stretchability. Soft hand. Good wet and dry crock-fastness.

Tips/Directions: Apply one layer and cure.

Suggested Formulations: To obtain different colors: 1kg -> TXP Neutral VS 40g (4%) -> TXP Pigments

Observations: —

Recommendations: If you desire to color with high quantities of pigment then add TXP Resin ACR (5-10%) as enhancer. Do not iron the printed area, do not dry-clean.