TXP Plata Hi – Gloss PHT-FREE

TXP Silver Hi- Gloss PHT-FREE P6615 –

Texiplast® Ecofriendly Plastisols TXP Silver Hi- Gloss PHT-FREE, is a plastisol textile ink belonging to the PRINTOP®’s Texiplast® series. It has been especially formulated to produce highly gloss silver finish. This product is phthalate free. Main Features: Bright silver plasticized finish. Flexible ink film, it won’t harden the fabric. Good opacity on dark garments. High tensile strength and stretchability.

Soft hand. Tips/Directions: Apply one layer and cure. Suggested Formulations: — Observations: —

Recommendations: Due to the product contains metallic pigments, printing will turn gray and opaque to be washed.

Product contains petroleum-derivatived solvents. Do not iron the printed area, do not dry-clean. It is necessary to stir the product before printing.