Tecudye PAR

disperse dyes against reduction in the dyeing process of polyester fibers.

Tecudye PAR also disperses dyes and chelates free heavy metals and hardness components.

Composition: Mixture of organic and inorganic salts. Handling: As with any highly concentrated chemical, observe good industrial hygienic practices and wear appropriate eye and skin protection. See MSDS for details. DOT class.:

NR Properties: Appearance: dark brown liquid Ionicity: anionic pH, as is: pH 7.0 – 10.0 Solubility: complete Specific weight @ 25ºC.: approx. 1.1 g/cm³ Storage stability: more than one year. Compatibility: compatible with other dyeing auxiliaries in the usual concentrations. Freezing characteristics: freezing may occur, however, the product is fully usable after thawing and stirring. Application: Many Disperse dyes, especially dyes that have the good Thermomigration fastness, are sensitive to reduction.

The dye also needs to stay well dispersed and protected against the effects of free heavy metals. Often, 3 different additives are used to address these different problems. Tecudye PAR is a multifunctional dyebath additive that –

Protects the against reduction – Disperses the dye and prevents re-agglomeration – Chelates free heavy metals and water hardness components For all exhaust applications, it is recommended to add 1 – 2 g/l Tecudye PAR to the dyebath.