Tuculube ES

Solubilizer and Leveling agent for Reactive and Direct Dyes Composition: Surfactant blend Handling: As with any highly concentrated chemical, observe good industrial hygienic practices and wear appropriate eye and skin protection.

See MSDS for details.

DOT class.: NR Properties: Appearance: Clear, straw colored liquid Ionicity: anionic Reaction: weakly alkaline, pH 7 – 8 Solubility: soluble in water, any ratio Specific weight @ 25C. 1.03 g/cm³ ( 8.5 lbs/gal) Storage stability more than one year. Compatibility: Compatible with all commonly used dyes and chemicals, except cationic products. Freezing characteristics: very cold temperatures may cause freezing of the product. Thaw and mix well before using. Application: Teculev DC is used as a dyebath additive for Reactive dyes and Direct Dyes. Many dyestuffs, e.g. Reactive Turquoise, Blue, Reds and certain Direct Dyes have limited solubility, which results in spots, filtering, scumming, unlevelness and reduced fastness properties when dyeing heavy shades. The addition of Teculev DC improves the solubility of these dyestuffs substantially, and the problems are greatly reduced or eliminated. In package dyeing machines, jigs and jets, the general amount of usage is: 1 – 1.5 g/l Teculev DC In becks and other long liquor ratio machines, the usage amount is: 0.5 – 1 g/l Teculev DC In pad-batch dyeing: 5 g/l Teculev DC (In pad-batch dyeing, often up to 100 g/l urea is used to improve the dyestuff solubility. The use of Teculev DC may eliminate the need for urea.) As a leveling agent for Direct Dyes, Teculev DC will promote levelness even when very hard to level dyes are used, e.g. Direct Yellow 106 and Direct Blue 98. As opposed to many other leveling agents, Teculev DC does not retard the dyeings and does not contain toxic substances such as pyridine. Use 2 – 3 % owg as a leveling agent for Direct Dyes.