Teculube HNF Special

Non-foaming Lubricant, Leveling and Dispersing Agent for high temperature dyeing of Polyester fibers with disperse dyes. Teculube HNF Special also is a good trimer dispersant.

Composition: Fatty acid condensation product. Handling: Teculube HNF Special is a relatively safe product. However, as with all concentrated industrial chemicals, we recommend to observe good industrial hygienic practices and to wear appropriate eye and skin protection. See MSDS for details. DOT class.: NR Properties: Appearance: Light yellow, slightly viscous liquid Ionicity: nonionic pH (5% DMW): 3.5 – 6.5 Activity: 100% Solubility: forms a milky emulsion in water Specific weight @ 25C. approx. 1.0 g/cm³ Storage stability at least one year Freezing characteristics: cold temperatures may cause freezing of the product. Thaw at room temperature and mix before using.

Uses: Teculube HNF Special is an effective fiber to fiber lubricant for jet dyeing of Polyester fibers with disperse dyes. The product also acts as a dispersing agent for both dyestuffs as well as trimers. Teculube HNF Special foams slightly. Teculube HNF Special is used in quantities that are dictated by the equipment and the liquor ratio, as well as the severity of the problem. At short liquor ratio’s, i.e. 1 – 5 to 1 – 10, as on jets, we recommend to use 0.5-1.0% calculated on the weight of the goods. Longer liquor ratio’s may require larger amounts, e.g. 1.0 – 2.0% owg. Teculube HNF Special is mixed with water. Mix well, and then add to the dyebath at the beginning of the dye cycle.