Tecuron PB-2

Tecuron PB-2 is an organic stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide bleaching in non-continuous processes.

The product has a very high sequestering power for heavy metal ions, and thus prevents the catalytic damage to cotton (pinholes) caused by iron.

The balanced stabilizing action of Tecuron PB-2 results in optimum bleaching results, while preventing the harsh hand and deposits often associated with sodium silicate stabilizers.

Composition: Proprietary blend Handling: As with any highly concentrated chemical, observe good industrial hygienic practices and wear appropriate eye and skin protection. See MSDS for details. DOT class.:

NR Properties: Appearance: clear, yellow to light brown liquid Ionicity: anionic Reaction: alkaline, pH 8.0-10.0 Solubility: soluble in water, any ratio Specific weight @ 25C. 1.2 g/cm³ (10 lbs/gal) Storage stability more than one year. Freezing characteristics: very cold temperatures may cause crystallization. Fully reusable after thawing and stirring.

Uses: Tecuron PB-2 is used as stabilizer in the bleaching with hydrogen peroxide.

The specific formulation of this product makes it most suited for stationary processes, i.e. on jets, becks, package dye machines and the likes. Bleaching with Tecuron PB-2 results in the best possible white and a soft and absorbent material. While caustic soda activates the peroxide, the use of a stabilizer is essential to prevent the rapid decomposition of the bleaching agent. Conventional stabilizers such as sodium silicate have the drawback that they easily precipitate on the fiber and equipment.

Tecuron PB-2 is completely water soluble, and rinses out easily. Iron is often present in the water or on the substrate. This causes serious problems in peroxide bleaching: Catalytic damage to the cellulose fiber resulting in strength loss and “pin-holes”. Furthermore, as the peroxide rapidly decomposes, the bleaching process is impaired.

Tecuron PB-2 has an extremely high sequestering power for Iron and other heavy metals, as well as hardness components such as Calcium and Magnesium. In the event that some sodium silicate is required in the bleaching process, the addition of Tecuron PB-2 will prevent precipitations.

Application examples: In general, the amount of Tecuron PB-2 is calculated on the amount of hydrogen peroxide. (35% active H2O2) For short liquor ratio’s (1:5-1:10), this is 15-20%, for long liquor ratio’s (1:15-1:30) 25-30%. Package, 100% cotton: Full white: 1.5 % owg Tecuron PB-2 2.0 % owg Tecuwet ASD 4.0 % owg Caustic soda 50% liquid 8.0 % owg Hydrogen Peroxide 35% 0.5-1.0 % owg Fluorescent Whitening Agent Start at 100 F, and heat to 230 F. Hold for 30 minutes, cool, drop and rinse.

Prepare for dyeing: 1.0 % owg Tecuron PB-2 1.0-2.0 % owg Tecuwet ASD or Tecuwet LF (Low Foam) 6.0 % owg Caustic soda 50% liquid 3.0 % owg Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Start at 100 F, and heat to 205 F. Hold for 45 minutes, cool, drop and rinse thoroughly. To remove any traces of hydrogen peroxide, and to reduce the number of rinses before dyeing, we advise the use of Accelerator HG in the washing step. For Polyester/cotton, the quantities of chemicals can be reduced by approx. 30%.