Tecusperse P liq

Dyebath Dispersant and Leveling Agent .

Tecusperse P liq. minimizes disperse dye agglomeration. The product is well suited for all types of equipment and does not foam. It promotes level dyeings and protects the dye from degradation . Tecusperse P liq. is well suited for the alkaline dyeing process of Polyester with Disperse dyes in combination with Tecudye ALK Liq. Composition: Sulfonated polymer Handling: As with any highly concentrated chemical, observe good industrial hygienic practices and wear appropriate eye and skin protection.

See MSDS for details.

DOT class.: NR Properties: Appearance: dark brown liquid Ionicity: anionic Reaction: approx. neutral, pH 6.5 – 8.5 Solubility: soluble in water, any ratio Specific weight @ 25 C. 1.2 g/cm³ ( 10 lbs/gal) Storage stability more than one year. Compatibility: compatible with anionics and nonionics. Not compatible with cationics. Freezing characteristics: very cold temperatures may cause freezing of the product.

Thaw and mix well before using. Application: In general, 1 – 2 g/l are used in the dyebath. (To improve the dispersibility of the dyestuff powder, 1 –2 % on the weight of the dye can be used to prepare the dyestuff slurry) Tecusperse P liq. is well suited to use in the alkaline dyeing process of polyester fibers with selected dispers dyes. Consult the Application Data Sheet of Tecudye ALK liq., and the Dyestuff representative for details.