Tecuwash SDA

After-wash and Acidifier to prevent yellowing and improve finishing Composition:

Mixture of Sequestrants, Dispersants and Acid buffers. Handling:

As with any highly concentrated chemical, observe good industrial hygienic practices and wear appropriate eye and skin protection.

See MSDS for details.

DOT class.: NR Properties: Appearance: clear light yellow liquid. Ionicity: anionic Reaction: Acid, pH 2.8 – 3.2 Solubility: soluble in water, any ratio Compatibility: compatible with common chemicals. Specific weight @ 25C. ~ 1.2 (10 lbs/gal) Storage stability more than one year. Freezing characteristics: very cold temperatures freeze the product, however, the product is fully reusable after thawing and stirring. Tecuwash SDA is used after bleaching to wash and neutralize the fabric and remove contaminants that have a negative impact on the finishing results.

Certain heavy metals such as Manganese can impair the whiteness of Fluorescent Whitening Agents and Calcium and Magnesium hydroxides make the fabric harsh and contribute to yellowing. Rest alkalinity causes yellowing and results in reduced resin performance and insufficient shrinkage control.

Tecuwash SDA removes the damaging compounds and acidifies and buffers the fabric pH for optimum finishing results and least yellowing. Uses: Tecuwash SDA is added to last rinse bath after bleaching. In general, a first hot wash of at least 90 ºC. (10 minutes) is carried out to remove water-soluble contaminants as well as high amounts of alkali.

A second and third wash of 10 minutes at 70 ºC., and a last rinse at 50 ºC. with 1 – 2 g/l Tecuwash SDA is completed to extract all metals and insoluble compounds, while the rest alkalinity is neutralized and the fabric pH is buffered. Tecuwash SDA can also be used to after-scour dyed goods. Its sequestrants will not demetallize dyestuffs.