Tecuwet LF

Tecuwet LF is a low foaming wetting and scouring agent for jets and other high turbulence equipment.

A small amount of foam at room temperature completely disappears at temperatures of 50 ºC. and above.

Composition: Mixture of Alkoxylated polymers. Handling: No special precautions are to be taken.

As with any highly concentrated chemical, observe good industrial hygienic practices and wear appropriate eye and skin protection.

See MSDS for details.

DOT class.: Not Regulated (NR) Properties: Appearance: clear, slightly viscous liquid Ionicity: nonionic Reaction: weakly acidic, pH 6 Solubility: soluble in water, any ratio Specific weight @ 25 ºC. approx. 1 ( 8.3 lbs/gal) Storage stability more than one year. Freezing characteristics: very cold temperatures freeze the product, however, the product is fully reusable after thawing and stirring.

Uses: Tecuwet LF is a low foaming detergent with excellent wetting and scouring properties, as well as good dispersing and emulsifying effects. This makes the product well suited for pretreatment and other wet-processing steps where foaming causes problems. The use of defoamers can be strongly reduced or eliminated.

Tecuwet LF can be used over a wide range of conditions, from strongly acid to moderately alkaline. Only in cases where the product would be used in highly alkaline conditions such as alkali feeding solutions for continuous pretreatment (more than 50 g/l caustic soda), we recommend the use of alternative products. Some preliminary compatibility testing would be advisable. Application examples: The quantities used are a function of the absorbency of the fiber (raw cotton requires more than prescoured polyester knit) as well as the liquor ratio. (lower liquor ratios require less chemicals) E.g. in the alkali prescour and peroxide bleaching: Package machines: 1.00-3.00% owg Jets: 0.50-1.50 % owg Continuous: 2-5 g/l Pad-batch: 5-10 g/l Tecuwet LF can also be used in the acid demineralizing process with Tecuron DMA: 0.5-1.0% owg Tecuron DMA 1.0-2.0% owg Wetting Agent LF 20 minutes @ 50 ºC. (See for further details data sheet of Tecuron DMA)