Tecusoft PSI-3

Low yellowing Silicone Elastomer Softener Tecusoft PSI-3 is a very low yellowing and low shade change, self-crosslinking silicone softener. The product provides a permanent, super-soft, smooth and springy hand on synthetic fibers.

The product also improves the crease resistance, sewability, anti-pilling properties and crock-fastness of the fabric. Composition: Aminofunctional polysiloxane. Handling: As with any highly concentrated chemical, observe good industrial hygienic practices and wear appropriate eye and skin protection.

See MSDS for details.

DOT class.: NR Properties: Appearance: Clear, viscous liquid Ionicity: Slightly cationic Reaction: Slightly acid, pH 4 – 5 Solubility: Can be mixed with water in any ratio. Forms stable emulsions. Specific weight @ 25C. Approx. 1 g/cm³ ( 8.4 lbs/gal) Storage stability Approx. one year in sealed containers.

Compatibility: Compatible with most finishing agents in the usual concentrations. Check for compatibility before application. Freezing characteristics: Sensitive. Protect from freezing. Application: Tecusoft PSI-3 can be applied by all common application methods, including padding and exhaust processes.

Restrictions may apply where high shearing forces could break the emulsion. Tecusoft PSI-3 will cross-link when the fabric is dried, and does not require special curing conditions. On the other hand, heating conditions as encountered in finishing or printing do not have a negative impact on the product. Tecusoft PSI-3 distinguishes itself by its super-soft hand and very low yellowing and reduced shade change of the fabric. Depending on the desired effect, 10 – 40 g/l can be used for pad applications. This corresponds with 0.75 – 3 % on the weight of the goods in exhaust.

A small amount of acetic acid during exhaust methods will improve exhaustion. Silicone softeners are very hard to strip. Therefore, we recommend inspecting the fabric before finishing. In case reprocessing of the fabric is required, this can then be done before the application of the softener. Examples: – Padding of knitted goods, Cotton, Polyester or blends with Lycra: 10 – 30 g/l Tecusoft PSI-3 0.5 ml/l Acetic Acid 56% pick-up 70 – 80 % dry and Thermoset. Note: combinations with other softeners can be used, ideally low yellowing organics. – Exhaust on Polyester/Cotton or Polyester/Lycra knit goods: 1.5 – 3.0 % Tecusoft PSI-3 0.5 ml/l Acetic Acid 56% liquor ratio 1:10 – 1:20 20 – 30 minutes @ 120 F. dehydrate dry and Thermoset.